6:30 - 8:30pm, Tuesday 11th Jan


Will Kendrick, Catherine Parsonage and Jess Power - Triangle

Triangle, an exhibition featuring the work of the inaugural Freelands Painting fellows, Will Kendrick, Catherine Parsonage and Jess Power.

In January 2021, the three artists embarked on full-time fellowships at Bath School of Art, Film and Media, the University of Brighton and Manchester School of Art respectively.

Jess Power works between multiple paintings at a time. While they are superficially abstract, her works are rich with references: they contain elements of landscape, fantasy creatures and furniture. These half-formed images sit alongside spaces of raw canvas, giving her works a sense of being alive and full of potential.

Will Kendrick’s installations use themes of science fiction and alien life as a means of exploring the world around us and its materials, examining them as though they have been left by an alien life form. These works play with the idea of painting in the expanded field and, like many painters, Kendrick uses material processes to work through an idea.

Catherine Parsonage uses her paintings to pick apart the way we view art history. She plays with a variety of styles and makes references to different artists and movements in her work. By presenting these references to the viewer in a new light, she asks us to re-examine long-held beliefs about the canon of art history and challenges the idea of the genius artist, who is usually white, male and often European.


Primrose Hill 113 Regent's Park Rd, NW1 8UR