6 - 8pm, Saturday 11th Sep


Will Teather - Through a Glass Darkly

A selection of artworks from different series " Fractals Paintings", "The Maximalist Banquet 2018-2020" and "Impasto Paintings 2012 - 2019".

Over the last fifteen years, he has been the recipient of numerous grants and bursaries, with his paintings and drawings featuring in over 200 gallery exhibitions across the UK and overseas.

Recent venues to display his work include Underdog London, RJD Gallery New York, Red Dot Miami, London Contemporary Art, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Vermont’s Catherine Dainich Gallery, Hollywood’s Sur Le Mur Gallery, Norwich Castle Museum, Edinburgh’s Open Eye Gallery, RH Gallery New York and Eton Contemporary Fine Art. He has been guest artist for events such as Artrooms London, Artwars and Malonny Art Forum, Lithuania.


Shoreditch 28 Cheshire St, E2 6EH