27/05/2022 - 09/07/2022

Late 20th - Painting

William Crozier - A Heightened Vision of Nature 1977-80

Flowers Gallery presents an exhibition by William Crozier (1930-2011). This exhibition tracks three of the most pivotal years of Crozier’s career, from 1977-1980, a period during which he redefined his voice as a painter.

Glasgow-born artist William Crozier’s work reflected an abiding concern for depicting the complexity of human experience. In his early career his painting was influenced by his introduction to existential philosophy in Paris, and up until the mid 1970s his work reflected anxieties in the aftermath of the Second World War, often including skeletal figures.

“Everything I paint comes from what I have seen. There must be an initial visual revelation, a moment of visual understanding of the order, history, passion and human endeavour revealed in a corner of a field, the shadow beneath a wall. The miraculous must be seen to appear, the ordinary must be transformed into the extraordinary eternal.” - William Crozier


Mayfair 21 Cork St, W1S 3LZ