22/09/2022 - 31/10/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Yael Roberts - In The Field

Ein Sof Gallery is pleased to present Yael Roberts: In the Field large scale monoprints and sculptures are unveiled in the lead up and through the High Holidays, exploring relevant themes of repentance, return, and renewal.

The exhibition speaks to the teaching of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812, Lithuania), that during the Jewish lunar month of Elul, “the King is in the field”. Unlike the rest of the year when the divine is far, in Elul, we have a special channel to the divine, but only if we leave what we know and go into the field to meet that which will transform us. The work understands this concept literally — we need to go into the wild to find return. In dreams, in landscape, in clouds, we find ourselves, we find our calling.

The work is also based on the poem in the High Holiday liturgy, Unitaneh Tokef, which speaks to the mortality of humans in the face of the divine. The titles of the pieces “Like dust flowering, like a dream fleeting”, “Like a shadow passing, like a cloud, alighting” and “We are like broken shards, 1-12” are all imaginative translations by the artist taken from this poem about our fate as individuals, community, species.

Islington 1-3 Elliott’s Place, London, N1 8HX