06/10/2022 - 25/01/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Yuken Teruya - La Mer

Mon-Fri: 9:30-5pm

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is pleased to showcase Yuken Teruya’s first UK show, marking the 50th year of Okinawa’s reversion to Japan after the American occupation.

Teruya is fascinated by human perceptions of the ever-changing moment. For him, the modest practice of drawing is a mighty tool not only to observe hierarchies, but to rebalance them. Historically, painting was primarily a medium in the service of the powerful: oil paintings intended to assert authority through the generations.

Some of the selected works are dialogues with open questions, while others rethink or reframe hidden structures. Instead of aggravating the prevailing power, Teruya injects some humour, bringing in the wider context, often referring to Okinawan tradition.


Regent's Park 14 Cornwall Terrace, NW1 4QP